Big health industry

With the continuous development of the social economy and the general improvement of people's living standards, health problems have gradually attracted people's attention. In 2016, the World Health Organization will "defeate diabetes" as the theme of World Health Day. Li Yubao, the chairman of the company, has been implementing the “Health for All” as the highest goal of the company since its founding. The company has always firmly established and implemented the development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing”. With the development of clean energy as the starting point and the pursuit of healthy ecology, the company has continuously enriched its industrial connotation and improved its industry in many years of exploration and practice. The layout gradually explored the development path of “Science and Technology Agricultural Circular Economy Industry Circle”, continuously realized green development, low carbon development and circular development, and carried out extensive and in-depth exploration in the big health industry and related fields to achieve “healthy China”. "Dedicated a force.

Yunhong Group relies on the biotechnology industry to refine the “peptide” elements in organic agricultural products through continuous technological innovation and breakthroughs. In the collaborative innovation of “production, learning, research and use”, it also has many researches at home and abroad. The agency has cooperated in the development of the "Bitter Melon Peptide", a champion of diabetes. At present, it has successfully developed eight series of brand health and nutrition products such as bitter gourd peptide, peptide biscuit, small molecule peptide oral liquid, peptide flour, peptide rice flour, peptide rice thin, peptide instant noodles and peptide pure water. To provide a healthy and quality lifestyle for all, and to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the Chinese dream.

Photovoltaic agriculture

Yunhong Energy Group Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a healthy, green and organic food, showing China's manufacturing excellence brand, using photovoltaic new energy, and building a new life of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Yunhong Group has vigorously strengthened supply-side reform, built an industrialized and diversified photovoltaic agricultural industrial park, and developed a technology, intelligent, and mobile smart photovoltaic greenhouse.

Smart photovoltaic greenhouses are full application of modern information technology achievements, integrated application of computer and network technology, Internet of things technology, audio and video technology, 3S technology wireless communication technology and expert wisdom and knowledge to achieve agricultural visualization remote diagnosis, remote control, disaster warning, etc. Functional management will bring the intelligent technology of Internet technology to the photovoltaic greenhouse, realize the transformation of the traditional greenhouse into a smart greenhouse, and revolutionize the development of smart greenhouses. Yunhong Photovoltaic Industrial Park is located in Tianjia Town, Wuxue City, Hubei Province. The intelligent system equipped with wisdom sheds can realize the monitoring of the atmosphere, soil and environment in the greenhouse, as well as the all-weather supervision of the personnel in the greenhouse and the state of crop growth. Automatic irrigation and warning prompts based on test information.

The poverty alleviation project operated by Yunhong Group is a diversified, high-tech, industrialized poverty alleviation project that can well meet the policies advocated by the current state and implement precise poverty alleviation. In the process of rapid development of the enterprise, we not only closely adhere to the "six precise" requirements of the poverty alleviation policy, but also implement each step of the measures more effectively. In June 2015, in accordance with the National Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation and Precision Poverty Alleviation Strategy, the second phase of Yunhong Photovoltaic Industrial Park was started, and 1,833 greenhouses were built. The poor households with labor force were hired to work, and the advanced technology of Yunhong products was passed on to poor households. The income of poor households is guaranteed. Yunhong's precision poverty alleviation project, with the "six precision" thinking as the core driving force, contributes to the blueprint for China's comprehensive poverty alleviation and marching towards a well-off society!

E-commerce platform

E-commerce is an important part of the national economy and social information, and is becoming a new impetus to promote the development of the national economy. The development of e-commerce is a major measure to promote industrialization, promote the adjustment of China's industrial structure, promote the transformation of economic growth mode from extensive to intensive, improve the quality and efficiency of national economic operations, and take a new road to industrialization. The ambitious goal is of great significance. In the wave of the Internet economy, the Group also seized opportunities in a timely manner and actively expanded the e-commerce sector on the basis of developing the real economy.

At present, Hubei Hongzheng E-Commerce Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yunhong Holdings, has completed the construction of the “Tasteful Life” platform for e-commerce and started trial operation in January 2017. In the near future, we are actively preparing for the establishment of a cross-border e-commerce platform to realize the industrial upgrading of the Group through “Internet +”, and graft the photovoltaic eco-agriculture and the big health industry to the cross-border e-commerce platform to realize the innovative development and sustainable development of Yunhong Holdings. .